10 Best Ever Weight Loss Secrets From Thin People

Intentionally or not slim or thin people tend to follow certain things that help their bodies to be the way it is.

So, when you have decided to lose some weight then why do not you take a few tips & tricks here and there to get the body type just like theirs?

However, do remember, being thin does not mean that you are healthy but if you are healthy and thin at the same it is a plus point but not necessary.

So, health is more important as compared to being ultra slim.

This article consists of 10 those tips that are likely to be followed by the majority of the slim people, so give these techniques a try to experience a new you with a slimmer body but with good health.

1. Persistence is the key:

Losing weight and then not able to keep it off of your body does not sound good at all and unfortunately, most of the time, the same thing happens especially when you follow crush diets, supplements that are quick in their results but the effects are not long lasting, you happen to use remedies that surely show results but may cause some side effects too.

Slimming body should be your goal but neglecting health should not be even an option as good health is mandatory.

Do remember, people who lose a huge amount of weight are only able to achieve the large weight loss because they understand that the steady and slowly they progress, the better the chances of losing weight will be.

Strong will power and being persistent is the right Mantra to lose weight.

Because the short cuts may work for you but they will not be capable of providing you the long lasting results and when you are willing to embrace a healthy life style then why don’t you adapt it for good rather just for a mere period of 6 month or 1 to 2 years.

2. Colors are important:

Did you know, all the colors in fruits and vegetables not only beautify them but as a matter of fact these colors are associated with nutrition and minerals?

Hence, adding at least 5 to 7 colors in your salad is always a good idea because it is the best way through which you can make sure that your meal has all the nutrients in it.

However, do not take the same veggies or fruits every day just mix and be experimental, just remember the simple rule of thumb 5 to 7 colors minimum but the more the merrier!

Bottom Line: Make your food more colorful and end up getting slim.

3. Post workout meal:

Post workout, slim people tend to fix a sandwich of peanut butter and jelly or they may opt for a small serving of pasta with a meat sauce and this post weight training meal almost consists of around 400 calories, with 25gm to 30 grams of protein for the muscle building and 45 grams to 65 grams of carbs (to speed up the recovery of muscles).

Do remember that lean meat is a great source of protein and it is also on the low-calorie index.

Moreover, scientists from different research facilities have found out that having more protein is likely to be helpful in losing fat around the belly area as people who tend to take 20 grams extra protein than the recommended quantity of protein on daily basis have almost 6 % lower waist and hip measurements.

4. Say no to Semi-Organic processed food:

The word organic has a lot of attraction in it and the companies are aware of it, and that is why they often write it in a very prominent manner that so and so product is organic but in the reality only a certain part of the product is made of pure organic elements but the rest of the product is full of those elements that are processed and definitely do not come in the category of healthy food substances.

Thus, organic food is actually good but not any processed food that is hidden in the name of organic food.

5. Fresh Condiments and spices:

Our lives are already busy and we do not have too much time to spend in the kitchen but using ready-made condiments or spices is not the solution either.

They are not very easy on your pocket, they have preservatives to increase their shelf life and most importantly, they are not a very healthy option for your food.

Whenever it is possible, try to opt for fresh spices and condiments, they may take 20-40 minutes extra but they will guarantee your safety and health for sure.

Moreover, people who are slim, they tend to avoid ready-made condiments.

6. No Fancy Snacks:

Slim people normally avoid too greasy or fancy snacks; their food choices are relatively healthy.  Although this not the case always, mostly they do choose a snack that has less oil or no oil at all with a little or no salt.

Moreover, fiber contained food items are also included in their list of snacking, they do not always suppress their cravings but they just happen to make health friendly choices.

Bottom Line: Fancy snacks are a big No! if you are willing to follow the suit of slim people!

7. Home food:

People who are on the slimmer side of the body type, they usually prepare their food at home and avoid eating out very often or at least they dine out once or twice only in a week’s time.

So, what happens then?’

When you cook your food at home, you are aware of ingredients and you will not add anything that is not healthy in your food just to beautify it but the restaurants you happen to go often, not all of them but most of them may use 1 or 2 items in your platter that are there just to enhance the presentation of the dish but they are not a very healthy option.

Bottom Line: Enjoy the food at home with your family and make your body slim!

8. Healthy Beverages:

Improving the health of your internal organs should also be included in your goal list because visceral fat and the elements those cause inflammation in your body or higher cholesterol or triglyceride index are not good.

How to avoid all these elements?

Just for the record; all types of sodas, bottled drinks, sport shakes, readymade tetra pack juices and even the vitamin water are based on sugar. Replace all these unhealthy beverage options with the healthy ones like the slim people do.

Now, what are the healthy beverage options because today our lives are dependent on these unhealthy beverages?

To start with water is the best option, then coffee (without sweet and syrupy additions), Tea (without sugar) all types are best because they are full of antioxidants and last but not the least milk (The best source of calcium and after water perfect beverage for any healthy being except for lactose tolerant people)

Bottom Line: go for healthy beverages and drinks as slim people do.

9. Slim people avoid low carb:

Low in one thing means high on the other and that is why normally people who are thin they are relatively smart too because they never opt for options that have low carbs or low fat labels.

Moderation is always good, so keep it this way and try to balance all the components rather going for one component in a very low percentage.

Moreover, this balancing can actually let you save an insanely large number of calories that you even haven’t imagined yet.

Bottom Line: low on fat or low on carb does not imply that the food is low in the other elements too.

10. Slim People sometimes skip vegetables:

It is not necessary that vegetable dishes are always healthy food items, especially when you are dining out.

Many hotels and food points offer vegetable sandwiches, burgers and other vegetable dishes, and in the selection of meat/ chicken or veggie burger, you go for the vegetable burger but little you know that this vegetable burger is much sunken in the sea of bad calories than the beef or chicken one,


This vegetable burger can be a highly unhealthy option because of its high ratio of cheese or salt and other condiments.

Bottom Line: Slim people just do not opt for vegetable dishes but the right and healthy vegetable dishes.

Final Comment:

Getting slim and healthy is all about making the right choices and to understand that healthy life style is not a short term thing but a life time process.

So, do get slim and healthy but follow the healthy life style for good.