How to Tell If The Diet Pills You Are using Are Safe?

With a growing number of weight loss supplements in the health market, it is getting a difficult task for a normal person to decide whether which supplement or diet pill to choose for an efficient weight loss.

Some people get lucky and find the right diet plans that suit with their body demands. But again, how can one differentiate between the safe diet pills and the unsafe ones which cause serious side effects.

In order to choose an ideal supplement for weight loss, you may want to know if it’s safe and furthermore a clarification of different types of supplements available in the market is required.

Mode of Action of Weight Loss Supplements/ How do they work?

In order to evaluate the safety criteria of most weight loss supplements, firs you need to know about how do they work or what is the science behind their effects.

Weight loss supplements work by different pathways, which is done basically by the ingredients they contain.

Some products contain more than one active ingredient which then works through different mechanisms/pathways.

Fat blockers are one of a kind which inhibits the absorption of fat from the gut. Other work as appetite suppressants which cause calorie deficiency in your body by which it starts burning the stored fats automatically to gain energy.

One of the most significant weight loss product works by boosting the metabolism, which burns the maximum amount of calories while your body systems are working faster than normal.

By looking at the detailed sites, we can evaluate which type of weight loss supplement is full of side effects and which ones are safe.

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1. Fat Blockers

With the help of fat blocking agents, your body will get only some proportion of fats from the food ingested.

Chitosan and Orlistat are the key ingredients in this class which enters in your digestive system and binds with the fat to prevent its absorption.

This will help you to lower down the stock of stored fats already bulge in your body.

Side Effects of Fat Blockers

Fat blocking agents apart from preventing fat’s absorption also blocks some of the main nutrients required by your body for proper functioning.

The user must be advised to take multivitamins along with this over the counter weight loss pills.

Fat blockers also cause stomach pain due to an uncontrolled gut movement, It happens because the bound fats need to be excreted from the body which then travels in your bowels till it reaches the end.

Popular Fat blockers

  1. Xenical
  2. Chitosan

2. Appetite Suppressants

The name itself is self-explanatory. Hunger controllers work by suppressing the appetite in a normal individual where the urge to eat diminishes instantly.

They work by sending the signals to your brain enabling it to think that the gut is full even though you haven’t eaten.

The goal is achieved by interrupting the signals of the brain that controls hunger.

Side Effects of Hunger Blocker

But do they have any side effects? Appetite suppressants offer a variety of side effects which range from nervousness to some of the lethal effects like palpitation and tachycardia.

Those appetite suppressants which are derived from the natural source are devoid of intense side effects though, OTC diet pills in this category, such as Qsymia and Fastin deals with the side effects mentioned above.

If the hunger blockers are used for a longer period of time, the user will get dependent from this supplement leading him to have no side effects which he once had.

Most well-known appetite suppressants

  1. Green coffee bean extract
  2. Phentermine
  3. Hoodia Gordonii

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3. Metabolism Booster

Known as the best remedy for weight loss, metabolism enhancers induce potential weight loss by boosting the level of performance of your metabolism which certainly produces rapid results.

Fat burners which aim by boosting the metabolism are therefore the most popular ones.

The active ingredients in most of the metabolism enhancing supplements are known to be 1, 3, 7 Trimethylxanthine or Citrus Aurantium extracted from the bitter orange.

The active constituents mainly work by unleashing the hormones to your blood stream which boost your metabolism instantly and burn more calories in only first attempt.

Although the effects of metabolism enhancers are pretty impressive, users must not be allowed to mix it with the other types of supplements which might give a rise to a synergistic reaction (a bad one).

Side Effects of Metabolic Boosters

Normally, the human body has a tendency to regulate itself along with certain stimulating factors. In some cases the stimulation gets double and that is where it causes opposite effects.

That’s why the manufacturers of every metabolism boosting supplement have contraindicated its excessive use if the user is looking for a long term weight loss therapy with this.

In this case, the term “Cycle” comes in, which means to give a pause for 4 weeks after using any fat burning supplement for about 12 weeks’ time period.

Popular Metabolism Boosters

  1. PhenQ
  2. Phen375
  3. Phentramin-D

Is it possible that a supplement has both safety and efficacy?

In a nutshell, a weight loss supplement can be both safe and effective if used with a proper direction.

They only give you a starting point in achieving weight loss goal after which you have to sustain this process by yourself with an ideal bunch exercise and diet plans.

Side effects from OTC diet pills happen when user abuses or overuse the supplement. That might give a rise to many life-threatening conditions as well.

Needless to say, Weight loss supplements help you lose your weight but that doesn’t happen instantly, you got to put extra efforts in managing your lifestyles in a healthier way.

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