8 Quick ways to lose weight without any exercise

Here is a big relief for those who want to lose weight but they do not want to do any exercise.

Thanks to various scientific studies, today it is possible to lose weight as they suggest that 70% to 80% weight loss depends upon the diet of an individual and just 20% to 30% it depends upon the exercise.

For losing weight, exercise can work as a support system but completely be relying on it without making any changes in your diet is nothing except a big disaster or at least a recipe for failure!

There are eight sure ways through which, you can elevate the performance of your metabolic system.

It will work fast and at its optimum level to help you lose weight fast and in an apt way.

Say bye-bye to all those monotonous and tiring workout sessions at the gym for good.

Here is how to balance a healthy body weight without any exercise!

1. Keep a check on your hormonal levels:

Several people are suffering from the issues of the thyroid gland and they do not even know about it.

The thyroid needs to work properly and if it is not working properly then it has potential to influence a person’s body weight largely.

No matter how well maintained other things are! You will not be able to maintain weight if your thyroid levels are not right.

The thyroid is a part of endocrine glands that include pituitary, ovaries (in females), testes (in males) and pancreas.

These all glands are necessary as they perform their tasks to maintain the metabolism, development in young children, the growth of body in human beings and the process of reproduction.

Moreover, the thyroid is the most pivotal gland of endocrine because it is the largest one.

If you are facing any abnormality in your weight and levels of energy,

it will be a good idea to ask your physician to run a few tests to check whether your blood markers are accurate or not.

2. Drink water more!

According to the clinical instructor of medicine at the Emory University (Scott Isaacs, MD),

Sometimes people even eat when they are thirsty and the human body metabolism gets slow with the slightest dehydration.

Why does this happen?

It is because our brain cannot distinguish between hunger and thirst

You may consider that feeling of thirst as if you are hungry but in reality, your body needs just a little water.

Is there any solution?

Yes, drink water first if you feel hungry in odd timings, as chances are that that feeling will subside

If it does not then you can eat something.

Tip: Take cold water, your body will burn calories in order to raise the temperature of that water.

Eight ounces of water per day can keep your body easily yet properly hydrated.

Bottom Line:

If you are willing to lose weight quickly without doing any workouts then consider water as your best buddy and drink plenty of water.

3. Remedies (related to herbs):

Herbs that are non-pharmaceutical and natural are always good and especially those herbs that aids maintaining glucose and appetite.

Herbs that are bitter such as wormwood, Thistle, and Gentian are quite effective for digestion and appetite.

If the digestive system does not work properly, the waste material will be in the body and the flora of the guts start it decomposing that is not a very likable situation for any individual.

Even it is not easy to imagine but just consider for a while that what rather harm it can cause your body

And the worst part is even if your kidneys, liver, and bowels are performing their optimum level,

Bad food choices simply do not let them do their work properly.

Bitter herbs are great at supporting digestive system of the human body

As they are helpful in maintaining glucose levels and preventing a sugar spike.

These include Cinnamon 1 gram and you may take it up to 200grams, vitamin D 400 IU, Chromium 200 microgram, Ginseng 500 to 1000mg, and Alpha Lipoic Acid 200mg.

4. Adequate diet:

One of the simplest ways to take control over your weight is to concentrate on what you eat.

Nature has blessed us with a variety of food items that are great for metabolism.

The human body metabolism is nothing but an amalgamation of biochemical reactions that occur in the cells of the human body.

For a microscopic perspective,

The human body tends to process food in a more efficient manner when the human body cells eat and eliminate food the way they should.

Some of the food elements are essential to improve this entire process of the metabolic activity.

Here is a list of food items that you should have in your grocery list

A) Almonds:

Even though they have the high-calorie index, they have low saturated fats, full with unsaturated fatty acids. They are the good source of beneficial fiber. Moreover, they contain Phytosterol Antioxidants and provide proteins of the plant.

Bottom Line:

Small portion size like the ¼ cup can provide you a good boost and all these benefits.

B) Beans:

Beans should be part of your diet as they are one of those food items that possess an intense level of fiber plus plant-protein.

They keep the user satiety, They are not easy to burn, that is why the digestive system needs many calories to digest them, and it makes them a great option to eat.

Bottom Line:

Eating beans keep you full and do not let you gain excess weight either. Total dreams come true!

C) Chia Seeds:

Chia seeds are nothing less than a complete blessing.

  • Improve brain activity
  • Elevate metabolic activity
  • Provide a good boost to the energy levels
  • Intense in fiber
  • High in Protein
  • High in Omega 3 fatty acids (favorite of human body)

Sprinkle these miraculous seeds on granola, oatmeal, and celery

There you have it!

An ideal mid-afternoon snacking companion that is bound to improve metabolism

D) Celery:

Negative calorie food is great for weight loss as it burns more calories than it provides to the body And Celery is one of those food items.

These long green stalks are able to do wonders for you.

  • Improve digestion
  • Hydrate your body
  • Provide you potassium
  • They are super low on the calorie index
  • Provide sufficient dietary fiber
  • Accelerate metabolism

Bottom Line:

It is great for munching all day long (just kidding)


Literally, you can trust this veggie to help you out in your weight loss journey.

E) Greens:

Go green…!

This slogan does not only show environmental awareness.


In fact, if you happen to add many green vegetables, you are surely going to lose that stubborn weight of yours.

Why does it happen?

The human body adores Phyto-nutrients; they help the body to feel fewer cravings.

Having Phyto-nutrients in your food suggest that you will age slowly (an additional perk!)

It actually does not matter at all that which greens you choose to eat

Swiss chard, arugula, dandelion roots, Purslane, kale, green tea leaves or spinach

They all are good for having a healthy gut.

F) Berries:

Go for whole berries rather drinking juice as in the juice form you tend to add sugar and miss out the fiber part that is not going to be good.

They are good for dietary fibers (complete fruit and not the juice)

Keep you feel full

Intense in Antioxidants such as Vitamin C and resveratrol

You can choose from a wide variety of berries but make it sure that the serving size is half to one full cup of the whole fruit.

Chocolate can be helpful!


And effective for the weight loss?


Whether you believe it or not, chocolate can be helping you!

Dark chocolate has potential to improve the human metabolic rate.

The trick is to select a chocolate bar or chunks that have the low index in sugar and the higher ratio of dark chocolate.

This delicious confectionery item is not only good to binge on


It is a great supporter of positive hormonal changes in the human body


Let you feel happy

Furthermore, it provides magnesium that is responsible to evoke adiponectin (fat-burning hormone).

You can add this divine confectionery item in your diet up to 10 grams daily and it will be all set to help you out.

You may have noticed that all the food items in this list are the unprocessed food and plant based, and this is the key to boost metabolism.

The list of foods that have the revolutionary impact on your lifestyle and especially on your metabolism is long


To begin with, this list can be an ideal support.

In addition, taking meals in small portions


More frequently helps your body to create “thermal effect of food”.

Taking small meals frequently can elevate the number of calories that we lose usually.

Just keep in mind,

The thermo effect is effective when your meal size is small every time plus the selection of healthy foods.

However, if you happen to eat a bag of chips around 1000 calories then most definitely this thermal effect will not be that much impactful.

5. Sleep is necessary:

A good amount of sleep is more essential than you think.

However, we often tend to neglect this essential element (sleeping).

Getting a full seven to nine hours sleep is literally has some revolutionary benefits, not only for the weight loss but also in fact for our well-being.

  • Improvement of mood
  • Elevation in metabolism
  • Lack of sleep can cause serious insulin sensitivity (insulin needs to be on right levels because imbalanced insulin can trigger overeating)

Bottom Line:

If you are willing to cut down weight without doing any exercise, you will be bound to keep a check on your sleeping pattern.

6. Meditation:

Weight loss obsession is not going to help you rather focus on your overall well-being and you will lose weight much faster.

Speaking of well being,

It goes without saying that stress is not good for you at all, avoiding stress should be on your priority list.

Several studies confirm this notion that you become the true picture of health

When you do any activity that can bring peace of mind and in this regards nothing can be better than self-reflection or meditation.

Even as short as 10-minute meditation, every day can give you a relief and aid your weight loss journey dramatically.

7. Get out and love nature:

Nature is good for your health.

Whether you consider nature colors, greenery, sunlight, fresh air or sounds of nature, they all are simply great at affecting the human endocrine system.

Great mood leads you to make better choices


Your emotional stability has a lot to do with the food choices that you make so if you are interested in weight loss, try to embrace nature’s scenery often.

Bottom Line:

Enjoy sunlight, fresh air; get outside to a beach, park, or forest three times a week for 3-4 hours.

You will give yourself a gift!

8. Natural supplements can be a help:

Without hitting gym even once, you can still lose weight with the reliable natural supplements.

Some trail energy

According to scientific studies:

  • Calcium – In your GI tract, calcium binds to cells of fat. This binding process, refrain the fat cells to go back to blood in form of absorbed substance. Thus, Less fat cells = Less fat.
  • CLA (Conjugated Lineolic Acid) — This acid helps blood insulin to approach cells of the body so, it can serve as a fuel for energy and does not go into storage in the form of fat. CLA is good at promoting torching the fat specifically in muscle area where the major burning of calories happens.
  • Green Tea – among all the different categories of tea, green tea has the maximum number of polyphenols. Polyphenols are super at increasing the human body metabolic rate up to 17% more (you may take this tea up to three cups per day).
  • Vitamin D – the higher Insulin resistance means the higher ratio of fat in the human body. Vitamin D aids your body to utilize all the calories as a useful source of energy and not letting it store it as a fat reserve of your body.
  • Protein – The human body muscles need Protein and this nutrient is helpful for regulating the muscle mass plus it is good for losing weight, as muscles tend to torch more calories than the fat.

Two Bonus Tips!

9. Involve your friends and loved ones:

A recent research declares that you tend to perform better when you have people around who are involved in your goal as a supporter or companion.

Weight loss becomes easy when the family and friends are there to support you.


We all have one to two people in our surroundings who can be our companion for the weight loss battle.

Bottom Line:

Do not do it alone. Share your experience and activity with someone, and it will do wonders for you!

10. Be Optimistic:

Attitude has a lot to do with our success and this success can relate to anything.

If you are willing to lose weight without doing any exercise or physical hardship, stay positive.

Self-deprecation is only going to make things difficult for you.

If you remain optimistic, you will happen to encourage yourself enough to achieve your weight loss target for sure!

Use Vision boards, humor, creative tools and inspirational photographs to give yourself a reminder that how you really want to look after completing this weight loss regimen.

Merely reading these points are not enough, you need to put all these points into action.

Practical is important!

Stay healthy and stay fit!