Top 7 Superfoods for Weight Loss

Not all of us are blessed with the tendency of keeping our weight under control or axing the desired number of pounds perturbing our fitness.

At times, the ‘expense’ of weight maintenance ends up being extremely heavy, when the continuous failures affect our motivation to get in shape.

To the worst, these expenses are often borne in the face of side effects, triggered by some cheap quality weight loss products.

All in all, the attempts to get in shape are never guaranteed to be successful and failures are pretty common.

Considering the weight loss dilemmas almost every other person has, the thought that frequently crosses our mind is that weight loss even possible?

Well, the solution for weight loss is different for every single person and is no magic bullet.

Your body may start responding to a certain approach, my body may not respond to.

Therefore, there is no such hack for weight loss that would work for almost all of us, unless, it is some major changes in our lifestyles.

However, there are some super foods that are said to bear fruit for all the weight loss struggles.

Each of these nature gifted foods has the potential to generate modest, yet, guaranteed weight loss effects for us.

These can simplify this very stressful journey and make it more result based.

So, what are these ‘super foods’, let’s have a look:

1) NUTS:

Now who can resist those nutrition packed nuts that equally give pleasure to our palate?

Incorporating nuts into your diet would greatly help you with your slimming goals.

Now you may be wondering that nuts are rich in fats?

Yes, they are! But the best part is that the fats they contain are extremely beneficial for the health.

And not just the health, they can satisfy our hunger and so, prevent us from taking unnecessary amount of calories for some time.

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It is commonly assumed that grapefruit is a very effective and powerful tool against weight loss.

For some time now, it has been boasted to possess fat burning properties. Well, this may sound disappointing to many of you that there is no such evidence supporting the claims.

In fact, there is no such food that can promote fat burning. However, replacing high calorie items with grapefruit for snacking can help you with the purpose.

Apart from being a good weight loss aid, the super food shuttles essential vitamins to your body.


Yes, its full-fat yogurt that can boost your potentials of losing weight.

Studies have found that the moderate consumption of full-fat yogurt can aid in the prevention and reduction of excessive weight.

Basically, the super food is favorable for the bacteria present in our stomach, which in turn, assists weight loss and prevents the accumulation of abdominal fats.

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Then we have potatoes as an effective weight loss agent. Interestingly, this very much loved vegetable can satisfy our hunger and prevent us from taking an abundance of extra calories.

In fact, the best form of potato for the weight loss purpose is its boiled form. These can create a certain type of fiber, which is highly effectual for the cutting of weight.

But wait, you need not to prioritize your taste here, so, avoid adding sources that can make it heavier for you example cheese, cream and more importantly, butter.


For all the sweet lovers struggling to lose weight, we have this super fruit as a recommendation. A rich source of fiber, berries have lowest calorie content.

This mouth watering fruit can help you reduce your caloric intake by encouraging satiety. Apart from playing a role in weight loss, berries, are equally effective for your health.

It has the ability to bring down your cholesterol levels and can fight against dangerous substances through its antioxidants.

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Another essential super food, or say, super fruit in the list of effective weight loss foods is avocado.

You can simply consider avocados as a healthy snacking option, as they are highly nutritious and wholesome.

With the much needed soluble fiber and monounsaturated fats, the super food can elevate your chances of losing weight.

It can lower your appetite and regulate your cholesterol levels.

7) EGGS:

As all of us know that eggs are high in nutritional value and are best source to promote satiety.

It is a super food that is extremely significant for all those who ought to get in shape. It can curb your hunger and enable a drastic reduction in caloric intake.

So, these were some healthy and weight loss inducing foods you can add in your chart.

Other than these, you can consider the traditional side dish kimchi for enhanced fat metabolism and a good control on weight.

Well, if you are failing to fit in your old skinny jeans, its high time you try these natural jacks!

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