Top 7 Weight Loss Myths That Hurt Your Fitness Efforts

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Hot topics like Diet and weight loss are surrounded by countless of myths. Myths that are related to weight loss often turn out to be causes of failed weight loss efforts for many. Believing any of these can either shake your motivational level or can result in no gain.

Interestingly, some of the myths may sound real to us; however, it is pertinent to know that weight loss is a process that is affected by a number of factors.

Thereby, failed efforts do not prove the pragmatism of any such myth by any mean, for a method that failed to turn fruitful for a person may turn to be effective for the other.

Amongst hundreds of weight loss myths,  have come up with some most believed ones to debunk today!

Have a look to these:



starve for weight lossIt is commonly believed that starving is the best way to reduce weight as this can limit the consumption of calories so that the body is compelled to utilize the ones that are preserved.

However, this is not the case, in fact, the approach can actually result in adding more pounds to your weight. How? Well because when the body is fed less frequently, it starts to store more fats, than actually using it.

And this starving only results in stopping your energy levels! So yes, our body is way more adaptable than we think it is!


don't eat at nightWell, this approach has been followed since the older times. According to it, one must not eat or take anything after 6 p.m, as during the late hours, our body goes into the resting mode and thus, takes a great deal of time to digest food.

No doubt, the digestion process slows down at night time, however, the body utilizes as much as energy reserves as it does in the daytime. Thereby, there isn’t much difference about daytime eating and nighttime eating, if you aim to lose weight.

Thereby, there isn’t much difference about daytime eating and nighttime eating, if you aim to lose weight.

So, you can surely have your meal after 6, though, avoid taking sleep immediately after. This will keep your metabolism running!

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No fat foods


This myth too is believed since the older times when people were least aware of the nutritional science. According to it, the more fat you take through your foods, the more weight you will gain and become chubbier.

No doubt, a single gram of fat supplies a total of nine calories to your body, yet, one must not forget that our body has the great ability to regulate its system. Thus, keep an equal balance of high-fat meals and low-fat meals in your diet plan.


say no to carbsNot all carbs are ‘dangerous’ at this point for you. There are some healthy carbs you can simply consume and still make way to a skinny body.

Remember, our body wants carbohydrates for energy and depriving it would end you up facing low levels of energy, which is of course, not favorable for your weight loss goals too.

You can simply go for nutrient-dense carbohydrates. However, taking these food sources along with 2-3gms of fiber every 100 calories would be more favorable for you. As we know, fiber takes more time to digest, thus, regulate satiety.


no fast foodsWell, this particular belief is no different than starving your body, an approach that is not supported by science. Remember, the solution or say, key to a fit body is eating in moderation.

Nothing would help you more than eating right and in moderation, and so, taking junk or snacks occasionally will keep your engines running!


weight loss exerciseNo doubt, exercises, and workouts are a good way to burst out fats, and their significance is as stressed as healthy eating, however, it is often assumed that with hardcore workouts, you are free to eat whatever you like.

Well, that’s not right as there are several kinds of exercises which do not hold a lot of cardiovascular benefits.

So, yes, exercises and workouts are one good way to lose weight, but surely, not the only way!

A healthy diet is equally important, as you need protein to keep your muscles strong and with strong muscles, you can make your weight loss exercises fruitful and effective.

Plus with essential nutrients and vitamins, you can make the most out of your training program too!

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What’s more of a relief if a single thing would do all the wonders for you? Imagine, dropping 70-80 lbs just by taking a particular fruit or food?

Well, this may sound very much magical and fascinate however the fact is that there is no such thing that can give you all the essential vitamins and nutrients you need for the proper functioning of your body.

The approach will only deprive your body of the much-needed nutrients and would actually serve as a roadblock to a skinny body.

weight loss diet


Well, by this, you will crave more for food, specifically, the junk food, whilst your energy levels will drop to a significant level, and you will have no stamina to carry out your everyday workouts!

Thus, go for a diet plan based on healthy foods, a plan that comprises of vegetables and fruits, and all that needed to keep your body healthy and active.

So, these were the 7 most believed weight loss myths you need to know the truth about! Hope that helps!

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