6 Lifestyle Habits which Hinder your Weight Loss Journey

An old saying by Will Rogers sums it up well which suggests, “If you find yourself in a hole, the first thing to do is stop digging”.

However, contrary to most people’s beliefs, when it comes to weight loss, everyone seems to keep digging even deeper holes!

Guess what?

From the time you ate a little extra at the buffet dinner or enjoyed the up sized meal with your friends; all such changes add to the calories we put on our waistline.

While the small indulgences might seem harmless at that time, nonetheless, they can sneak their way up and result in bad digits when you stand up on a scale!

Everyone has a guilty conscience and regretting a few bad habits every now and then is a good sign.

For this reason, we bring you the smallest lifestyle habits we all enjoy unconsciously, yet forget how bad they are for us when weight loss is concerned.

Simply alter these habits one at a time and see how you become smarter day by day!

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1. Sleeping Problems

Sleeping patterns are one of the core reasons aiding to fitness and health.

As far as sleeping too little can be harmful for the overall fitness, sleeping too much is equally bad.

Moreover, sleeping at the right time is crucial.

While our body demands rest from the hours 9pm to 7am, not sleeping between these hours can be damaging to the body.

Science reveals that people who sleep less than 6 hours at night can pack on 2.5 times more fat layers as opposed to those who sleep for 8 hours in one stretch.

If you have a night shift at work, try to switch to a day shift. If you love watching movies late at night, try delaying that by a few hours and enjoy a happy hour during the day.

2. Junk Food Drools!

Love junk food or processed food? Well, not anymore! Junk food is one of the major factors which leads to obesity.

While junk food items are extremely low in calories, on the other hand, they are packed with preservatives, fattening ingredients and what not.

A dieter can add up to 500 calories by simply enjoying a burger for the sake of fun. Knock knock!

It’s time to shake things up and ditch junk food items.

While it will be alright to enjoy a McDonalds’ meal once in 3 months, it is however not alright to enjoy one every week.

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3. Hydrating the Wrong Way

There is no doubt that hydration is the key to fitness but did you think about the calories you intake when you make your way towards hydration through packed juices or soda cans?

Yes, these drinks do provide water content to some extent but what about the added sugar?

Processed drinks like sodas, fruit juices, energy drinks and flavored milk bottles are bad for your weight loss journey.

Stick to drinking water instead and allow your body to flush out the toxins without adding too many calories to your system.

4. Skipping Meals

Skipping meals is worse than eating a chocolate bar during dieting!

Why? Because skipping meals slows down the metabolic rate in the body and the body undergoes an emergency mode of a fat storing duty.

This also leads to more hunger pangs when you eat your next meal.

It is no lie that people usually skip breakfast. Others ditch lunch. However, the rule to fitness is enjoying at least 4-5 small meals a day instead of 2 or 3.

No one is asking you to eat extravagantly at each meal time since you can enjoy a fruit salad or a handful of nuts at different time intervals instead.

4. Snacking Uncontrollably!

Snacks are cool but processes snacks, that too at the wrong hours are bad for your weight.

Enjoying a healthy snack such as a fruit or a handful of nuts is alright, but munching on a bag of processed crisps is equally awful.

Snacking at the time of snacking such as tea time is perfect but snacking nonstop, even during the night is bad for your health.

While untimely snacking can pack on pounds like none other, this habit can also encourage life threatening diseases in the body such as cardiovascular diseases, obesity and type 2 diabetes.

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5. Lazy You!

Lazing around is alright once in a while but becoming a couch potato is terrible!

A smooth weight loss can only be achieved if you allow your body to burn the excess fat through proper exercise.

Exercise such as cycling, walking, jogging, cardio, yoga, dance classes, etc are ideal.

A study revealed that in order to stay fit, you need to exercise for at least one hour a day.

If you cannot find time for a proper workout, simply take the stairs, walk to the market and try the make do arrangements.