Invigor8: Effects, Results & Reviews Inside [2019 NEW]

Meal replacement shake like Invigor8 is currently being sold at a high price and users want nothing but a healthy diet that can escalate the weight loss process.

superfood shake for weight loss

The purpose of these meal Replacers is to aid the digestion process, improve cognitive power and improve overall well-being.

But is it all that requires for a meal replacement shakes to be worthy?

Invigor8 is the latest brand available as a slim fast meal replacement, however, some users are contradicting about the ingredient it contains.

All these things about Invigor8 have been noted down and available in the later part of this article.

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About Invigor8 – What Is It?

Invigor8 is a dietary supplement available in a form of meal replacement shake that supports healthy body functions.

The claims about Invigor8 have never been about losing weight, but instead, its main focus is on boosting physical performance and mental activity.


  • Pure natural ingredients
  • Offers money back guarantee
  • Good for digestion
  • Improved cognitive skills


  • Bad customer reviews
  • Doesn’t work for weight loss
  • Pricey
  • No evidence available about the ingredients
  • Side effects

As an alternative to carbonated and caffeinated beverages, Invigor8 provides a safer and effective approach in reducing body fats and prevents you to have toxic fat which is the main reason for weight gain.

For the perfect fitness goals, you need a supplement that is available with a hand full of ingredients.

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Invigor8 main ingredients are digestive aid which improves the tendency of the immune system to fight against the free radical formation.

Users due to the inclusion of some new ingredients are complaining about the allergic reactions with Invigor8 use which is not the big issue yet.

About Invigor8 Company

The company behind the Invigor8 is Biomedical Research Lab.

There is too less information available about the company at the official website, however, it is still easier to reach them by the contacts details they have given.

According to them, Invigor8 is a meal replacement shake that is designed for keeping you away from the unhealthy meal, having said that it improves digestion and certain brain functions where the heap of energy is involved.

The company offers a money back guarantee which is quite a bold thing to do.

Invigor8 Ingredients List

If you look at from the therapeutically point of view, there are different types of ingredients available in Invigor8 which are basically:

  1. Prebiotic fiber complex
  2. Green veggie complex
  3. Cognitive enhancers
  4. Probiotic complex
  5. Immunity booster complex
  6. Digestive enzyme complex
  7. Protein complex

The quantity, strength, however, is relatively lower in dose as compare it should have been.

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The ingredients and their basic function in Invigor8 are mentioned below.

Chlorella- Extracted from the algae plant that supplies essential nutrients to your body systems.

Xylitol- You may have seen it available in many chewing gums, it’s a natural sweetener which is responsible for the sweeter taste of Invigor8 shake.

Bacopa Monnieri- It’s a form of the cognitive boosting plant which is available in certain Nootropic supplements. It makes the neuronal connections stronger hence giving you a slight chance of improvement in cognitive skills.

Bovine Colostrum- Colostrum is the natural ingredient found in the milk of any species, it is a rich source of vitamins and affect the bones functions.

Lipase- Lipase is a fat cutting enzyme that is known to create the effect like “Fat Oxidation”.

Vinpocetine A- Vinpocetine increases the blood supply to the brain regions where certain nutrients cannot reach. Supplying these nutrients to the deep core of the brain will help recover the damages and improve its functionality.

Bifidobacterium Bifidum– Bifidobacterium foods are known to improve digestion and treats constipation aggressively. There are studies on the plant that it treats the bowel movements and aid the digestion greatly.

Chicory Root Extract- this root extract is a digestive aid as well as provide laxative effects that help you cleanse the gut efficiently.

As you can see, there are some very beneficial ingredients but only a very small percentage of them acts to weight loss.

Does Invigor8 Really Work? Customer Reviews

When it comes to boosting the digestion and cognitive abilities to some extent, Invigor8 is a remarkable meal replacer, but it sure is NOT EFFECTIVE for losing weight.

These are some customer reviews about Invigor8 and how it helped them to reduce body weight.

Honestly, I am not going to call it a scam because it has some potentials to improve mental abilities.

The weight loss realm is a totally different challenge for Invigor8 which I think the ingredients are less capable of doing.

I was on Invigor8 for 2 months and my body healthy factors were truly inspired by it. But again, not a dietary supplement for weight loss that you may have been looking for.

Chris Cortes

I am a mother of 2 and for the first time, I tried a meal replacer hoping my diet plan would be in a controlled state.

This invigor8 started giving me hunger pangs as I tried to perform the physical workout.

I am disappointed in the part where it doesn’t replenish the essential nutrients. Loved all the 3 flavors though!

Catherine Moses

You either buy a meal replacer with the highest ranking or get the slimming products which you tried before. To me, Invigor8 is a new meal replacer which I thought could impact my immense body size.

In 3 months of the time period, I lost about half a pound and this is not even closer to the results. This weight loss meal replacement shakes sucks big time!

Eugene Barbera
Invigor8 Side Effects

Not all ingredients in Invigor8 are clinically tested and approved.

There is a prevalence of the side effects found in the users who tried Invigor8 for more than a month.

These side effects could be mild-moderate but the safest way is to quit the use of the supplement for some days.

Invigor8 caused the following side effects in users.

  • Allergic reaction
  • Gas
  • Nausea
  • Bloating
  • Heartburn

Where to Buy Invigor8 Online?

Invigor8 meal replacement shake for weight loss can be purchased through different channels which are an official website, eBay or Amazon.

The safer hands would be on the official retailers because in terms of money back guarantee claims and other things, the officials are more responsible and responsive.

Best Meal Replacement Shakes for Weight Loss

There are many varieties of meal replacement shakes available online, but here we are telling you about the best one.

Its name is EvoShake which was designed solely for slimming purposes. It is not the product itself, but the trust of the customers built on this.

EvoShake – Best Alternative for Invigor8 as A Meal Replacer

The best meal replacer supposed to work by fulfilling the needs of your body without building up the toxins as you get from normal food intake.

Meanwhile, the ideal meal replacement shakes do the same thing, but they also deliver some of the remarkable benefits to you which are:

  • Reduced blood pressure
  • Stabilized blood sugar
  • Improved metabolism rate
  • Enhanced energy levels

EvoShake is a vegan-friendly and gluten-free form of shake that has the most perfect ingredient that brings the weight loss stimuli immediately. 

There are many ingredients available in EvoShake which are natural and poses no adverse effects.

Invigor8 Vs EvoShake – Which One Works for Weight Loss?

After visiting the official page of both meal replacement shakes, we could say EvoShake is much more potent in terms of weight loss because of the availability of right quality ingredients.

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Whereas in Invigor8, most ingredients are working as a digestive aid and mental booster which have nothing to do with slimming effects.

In EvoShake you will find green coffee bean extract with Guarana, Acai berry extract and Skimmed Milk Powder that gives you the good fats. 

These ingredients are far much stronger in effects for losing weight than the ingredients in Invigor8.

Also, comparing the customer feedbacks can of EvoShake with Invigor8, we found the rating of EvoShake is impressive and positive.

Final Thoughts – Does Invigor8 Work for Weight Loss?

Invigor8 is the modest form of meal replacer that provides essential nutrients for enhanced

  • Digestion
  • Cognitive Functions
  • Energy Level

But while many meal Replacers are designed to lose weight, Invigor8 doesn’t share the same opinion.

Taking other alternatives such as EvoShake can help you lose weight only if you incorporate physical workout plan 5 times a week.

These Meal Replacement Shakes are not a magic supplement that made you lose weight overnight; you’ve got to do some extra efforts by yourself.

This is why losing weight can be so difficult for some people where they cannot have control over their hunger pangs.

Meal Replacers like EvoShake reduces the fat percentage from cellular level instead of only acting on the superficial muscles.