Acai Plus extreme Berry Complex Reviews

Do you really need to go for this supplement or it is just a fraud or scam?

Every other person, in this world, would love to look slim and smart.

To accomplish this wish or their desire, most of them opt for diet plans, weird weight loss remedies, or some just try to lose this extra weight through yoga and exercise.

However, maintaining right weight and losing weight are not in reach of every individual.

People who love healthy eating can easily control their weight and shape.

Those individuals, who are willing to eat the food of their choice yet want to be in shape, are asking for a special and quite impossible combo.

Not everyone is able to avail this special combination; it all comes down to the selection of the right method or supplement.

The current market is full of counterfeited products because the sellers are aware of the weakness of buyers.

However, there are a few good products, which can actually deliver, what they really claim.

Moreover, it sounds simple but in today’s hectic life, adding yoga classes and gym just resides next to impossible.

Therefore, the only remaining solution to trick your body to stay slim and healthy is to take support from medical tricks and supplements that can actually help you out!

Speaking of the agony of an overweight person, today our article is all about a supplement Acai Plus Extreme; it is time to find out the truth about this supplement.

What is Acai Plus Extreme?

Acai Plus Extreme is a supplement that based on Acai Berry (a popular super-fruit).

This fruit (acai berry) is already rather popular to be helpful in weight loss.

The producers confirm this product is great for weight loss.

They say so because they believe this product is helpful in boosting the metabolic rate.

Thus, this product gives better control over the appetite and the appetite control is certainly a plus benefit for anyone who is willing to reduce weight.

Acai berries do not need any introduction.

They are already famous to be rich in antioxidants.

Hence, it is not a big surprise when you see a number of products with this amazing component.

Now, the question is why Acai plus Extreme? Why not any other product with Acai berries.

Who are the producers of Acai Plus Extreme?

Acai Plus Extreme is a product of Evolution Slimming.

The company has a good reputation in the industry.

A company that believes in providing natural products and it is a reliable and famous name for the authentic products.

Moreover, Evolution Slimming delivers its product in more than 70 countries and in the year of 2010, it received Second Prize Award for excellence in Business Awards at KeiBA.

There are various other products that you can get on the official site (

What is part of Acai Plus Extreme Composition?

There are four key ingredients in Acai Plus Extreme.

The most important ingredient is acai berry itself.

1. Acai Berry (400mg):

Acai berry has elements that are responsible to promote digestive as well as cardiovascular health.

It is possible because they combine the healthy fats with phytoserols and dietary fibers.

Moreover, these elements are quite good for providing antioxidants that are also good for slowing down the aging process.

2. Green Tea (40mg):

It is a good source of bioflavonoids and Polyphenols.

Green tea is famous for thermogenic characteristics.

Same as acai berry; it is also rich in antioxidants.

3. Guarana Seed (200mg):

It has a type of caffeine (guaranine), this caffeine is believed to be 250% more potent.

The Guarana seed is quite rich in fat and that is why it takes time in getting absorbed.

The body cannot absorb it immediately.

Therefore, its caffeine content is secreted slowly as compared to the caffeine content of coffee that releases quickly and the effects again come down in a quick succession.

4. Chromium Polynicotinate (75mcg):

This compound is good for elevating the metabolism of carbohydrate and fat oxidation.

It lets people have better control over their cravings for sugar.

It helps the body to absorb the glucose the better way!

Other ingredients that are part of this supplement are Acetyl L-Carnitine, Silicon Dioxide, and Magnesium Stearate.

What is the working Principle?

The working of Acai Plus Extreme depends upon the right use of Acai plus Extreme.

The benefits you will start experiencing with two to three weeks of use.

It is highly advisable to take plenty of water at least nine to eleven glass of water every day.

Thus, the pills can perform their work in a better way.

This water is helpful for maintaining your body, completely, hydrated and it is also helpful in removing the toxins out of your body.

When you happen to drink the right amount of water and you are taking the supplement as well, you can easily eliminate two to three pounds of weight every week.

These capsules are designed with an apt combination of acai berry (imported from Brazil); Green Tea extract (helps you to boost the energy levels).

The benefits of Acai Plus Extreme:
  1. This supplement does not only have green tea and acai berry but it also has L-carnitine in it.
  2. No side effects due to Acai plus Extreme because this supplement is completely a combination of natural substances.
  3. Anybody can use it; it is equally helpful for men as well as for women.
  4. Acai Plus Extreme is good for reducing the levels of bad cholesterol and burning fat at a fast pace.
  5. It causes a decrease in the feeling of unnecessary hunger that is often responsible for fat.
  6. It is a good source of antioxidants.
  7. It happens to boost the metabolism as well as improve the immune system of the consumer.
  8. This supplement is great for keeping the cardiovascular and digestive system on their proper track.
  9. It improves the absorption of glucose.

Thus, it happens to play a crucial role in preventing cravings.

Direction to use:
  • The consumer needs to take two capsules in the morning.
  • The consumer can take the capsules before the breakfast or after it.
  • There is no hard and fast rule for that, but it is should be taken in the morning timing.
  • The recommended dose is two capsules and it is better not to exceed the recommended dose (every 24 hours, two capsules only).
  • It is suggestible to take at least eight to ten glasses of water throughout the day so that the supplement can perform its role at the optimum level.
  • When the body is hydrated, it becomes easy for the body to remove the toxins easily.
The side effects and negative points about this supplement:

Exceeding recommended dose or overdosing can actually create issues.

People who are suffering from:

  1. Heart disease
  2. Thyroid problems
  3. Issues linked to prostate
  4. High blood pressure patients

They should not use this supplement because this supplement contains caffeine.

People who are caffeine sensitive, they should not opt for acai plus Extreme.

If you are already using any medicine, it will be better to take medical advice first.

There is no scientific evidence or clinical trial available, which confirms that this supplement really works.

However, its ingredients themselves are quite effective.

Thus, it is a speculation that this supplement works.

From where can I buy acai plus Extreme?

Acai plus Extreme is easily available on the official website of Evolution Slimming.

Is it available on eBay or Amazon?

The answer is yes, if the seller account officially belongs to the Evolution Slimming, you can buy the product.

However, if it is the account of any third party, do not buy the product.

You may end up buying a fake product in case of the third party involvement.


Acai Plus Extreme is certainly a popular product in the relevant circles.

It is a great product for elevating the right energy levels and providing an apt ratio of vitamins and antioxidants.

However, you need to include exercise in your routine to maximize the results of this supplement.

It is a good product but not the ultimate one!