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Dear Readers,

According to FTC regulations, all bloggers are required to disclose how they earn money on their blog.

How I fund the labor of love:

  • ~ The sponsored ads you see on the site (Google, Sovrn and Yahoo/Bing Ads).
  • ~ Affiliate links via Amazon or E-Junkie for books or e-books that you’ll see from time to time.
  • ~ My E-books
  • ~ Sponsoring DietBets – Coaches receive compensation for hosting.
  • ~ Affiliate links for things products or services that I love and want to share with you.
  • ~ From time to time we may post Affiliate ads/links for health and weight loss products

I don’t do many reviews or sponsored blog posts. I find that it detracts from what I’m trying to do here at BWLS. But, if I do review something, I will be sure to disclose that and tell you if I got the item(s) for free or if I was paid somehow IF I blog about it.  I may give my opinion of books or diet programs/books, for example, but I’m not paid for those.

So why do you care about any of this?
I’m not trying to rip anybody off and I have to comply with federal regulations. That’s the bottomline.

The money generated on this site helps me to maintain all the costs associated, to give the Dietpill2017.com community great info and to share my passion.

I want to be able to help women lose weight full time, thus I have to make money from my efforts in some fashion so that I can pay all the costs involved and grow Dietpill2017.com.