The 3 Week Diet System Review: Shocking Facts Inside! [2019]

The 3 Week Diet is a weight loss program.

Its main aim is to concentrate on losing weight fast.

In just 21 days!

Often people fail to achieve weight loss with dieting and the reason is quite obvious, it takes time to see some real result.

So, Brian (the inventor of the 3 Week Diet System) launched system that can work fast and without causing any hassle.

The most noticeable point about The 3 Week Diet System,

It gives you the awareness that how you can keep that lost weight off and maintain a good overall health status.

Moreover, one can do this program more than once to keep excess weight at bay.

The 3 Week Diet Program consists of 3 separate parts.

Here’s the official website for the 3 Week Diet.

First of all, there are four phases in the first part:

Phase 1:

It comprises of 7 days. It may be the hardest phase of all but it is the phase where people lose most of their weight.

Phase 2:

The shortest phase of all but it acts as the most effective phase even some of the consumers experience up to 1-pound loss with 24 hours and all because of this phase.

Phase 3:

It comprises of 9 to 11 days and as per customer reviews, this is a unique diet regimen that most of the customers have not experienced before.

Frankly speaking,

Phase 3 may seem weird but it is helpful for those who follow it without a question because you will be amazed by the results because they are that much cooler.

When you are following The 3 Week Diet System, do not skip the 3rd Week Phase.

It may go against all the prior knowledge you have about the weight loss but it works like crazy and for real.

So do follow it as per the instruction and you will notice the result yourself.

Phrase 4:

It comprises of 12-21 days and this phase has the guidelines to keep you on the track for the last part of the diet system.

Brain (the inventor of this program) guides you in this phase how to compute your BMR.

(It is the calculation of required calories for sustaining the current weight)

You may think, it is easy and you know how to do it but trust us, once you get The 3 Week Diet System, you will clear your many misconceptions about weight loss and its maintenance.

It is highly unlikely that if you follow the 3 Week Diet program until the 4th phase and you will not feel significant change because, by the end of 4th Phase, you act like a furnace for fat!

Most likable part of this program, it helps you to lose the excess weight from all the problematic areas;

Such as

  1. Belly
  2. Love handles
  3. Lower back
  4. Butt
  5. Thighs
  6. Abs

These are the places where your body deposits most the fat reserves.

In the diet program, a whole section is dedicated to fat in these areas.

Another section of this phase,

Guide you about the strategies to get the entrance of the fat cells, secretion of fat and blocking the production of new fat cells.

One of the strategies seemed a little awkward and controversial.

Therefore, we did a bit of search and found out that it is safe and practical.

You will learn yourself what we are talking about if you happen to read The 3 Week Diet System.

Bottom line:

We like the way; the plan tells you what to eat and when to eat plus the portion sizes.

The Second part comprises of talks about exercises.

When you are already on your journey of weight loss with the right diet program, further the adequate and right amount of exercise will make your journey a little easier.

Interestingly, the workout sessions take up to 20-30 minutes and their results are significant.

It is hard to believe but it is true.

Hence, these workouts and their reliability make the whole system a little easier for users.

Furthermore, the exercises that are included in The 3 Week Diet system are present in the following list.

  1. Push ups
  2. Squats
  3. Chest Dumbbell exercises
  4. Back Dumbbell exercises
  5. shoulder Dumbbell exercises

and many other exercises that are part of resistance workouts since resistance workouts have capabilities to burn the almost double amount of calories than any cardio workout.

It may sound strange but it is fact.

Due to resistance workouts, your body uses glycogen that is available in your muscles and it is resultant in utilizing fat for energy.

The best part about The 3 Week Diet System, it has all the exercises with the proper guideline, no of repetitions and the right way to do them.

Note for females:

If you are afraid that resistance training is only for men than my dear, it is a baseless myth, resistance training is great for everyone not particularly for men and your muscles need more than resistant training to get in the shape of body builders. So take it easy and be comfortable about doing resistance workouts.

Hence, a complete set of instructions to instruct the users.

The last part of this system comprises of counseling


the name is “Mindset and Motivation Manual”.

Although many people consider that diet plans and strategies are all about diet charts and exercise, and thoughts, decision making, mental attitude have nothing to do with the lifestyle the living.

However, the entire point is a misconception because of the right mindset, mental attitude is everything.

Neglecting these two basic fundamental things simply leave you empty.

When you do anything that is unusual in your life, you need a continuous sense of motivation to keep going and the third part of The 3 Week Diet System does the same for you.

Moreover, the strategy of 20 seconds in the third section is worth trying and many consumers have confessed that how just 20-second technique has helped them to overcome their mindless cravings of a chips bag or a packet of cookies.

In a nutshell, the third section is the backbone of The 3 Week Diet System.

What are the Pros of The 3 Week Diet System?
  1. You feel more energetic
  2. A better skin in appearance
  3. An improved health state
  4. You get better attention from your opposite gender
  5. You can get more socialize without feeling any embarrassment
  6. Your confidence heightens
  7. You become less self-conscious
  8. You can see even growth in your professional status
  9. You can wear your chosen clothes
  10. You look younger than your actual age

Cons in the program:

This program is helpful but there are a few lacking in this diet system.

1. Extra Equipment:

It may seem a problem to many people because a lot of people consider that the pieces of equipment are highly expensive. However, in reality, you can manage without a workout bench and the weights are easily available on Amazon and eBay. So apparently, it should not be even a problem.

2.  No videos:

Today, giving video tutorials are not much a problem, and in the program, there are no videos. Therefore, it seems weird because there should be some.

However, this program can do without videos but having some would definitely improve the presentation of The 3 Week Diet System.

3. The feeling of hunger:

People who take The 3 Week Diet system seriously, they can do well. However, if you are someone who can easily entertain their urges of food and cannot even bear the slightest feeling of hunger then this program may appear useless for you.

Thus, following the diet plan religiously can actually do the trick for you.

4. Supplementation:

There are a few recommended supplements, you may buy them or if you want to skip then you can because there are a few consumers who did not go for suggested supplements and they still got the desired results.

So at the end, it is your choice and preference.

FAQs Section:

1. Will it be helpful for vegans and vegetarians?


2. Will it work for me because I am a very busy person and I am always in a rush?

If you can manage just 20 minutes in your routine, you can easily do The 3 Week Diet System and let us be honest, managing 20 minutes is not a big deal, no matter how much you are busy. You can manage time for yourself, it is all about giving priorities.

3. What if I do not lose all of my weight in first go?

Pretty simple, restart The 3 Week Diet Many customers have repeated twice or even thrice this plan to achieve a complete weight loss. So, it is totally normal (if you have a huge number to lose)

4. What about the Refund Policy?

There is a 60-day money back guarantee.

The procedure is easy. Email them and they will return your money back.

What is the catch?

Why are they being so generous?

The Answer is simple, they know that their program works and it is a very rare thing when people need a refund but it is their sincerity that they have given such a generous offer.